Panasonic Soundbar, 250W Bluetooth / NFC


Product Specifications

This 2.1 channel high-quality sound system produces a rich sound field and crisp, clear dialogue. Music Sound Mode optimizes musical listening by matching the content with well-balanced sound.

Enjoy cinema with clear and dynamic sound
Two channel speakers and a wireless subwoofer integrated in the body form a 2.1 channel theatre surround system. Without taking up extra space, you enjoy movies and other image content with lifelike acoustic ambiance.
Well Balanced Sound
This newly developed speaker unit reproduces smooth mid-to-high-range sounds. It also features an amp that suppresses fluctuations in sound quality that occur during high-volume playback. Various content is crisp and clear, including dialog and vocals, in addition to dynamic bass. This results in well balanced sound.
Powerful Bass Sound - Down Firing Subwoofer
With the subwoofer facing the floor, powerful bass is achieved bu the downward release of sound from the speaker unit and port.